Who We Are

A Symphony of Elegance and Serenity

Welcome to O2 Villas & Resort, where a harmonious blend of luxury and nature unfolds in three distinct locations – Ella, Yala, and Arugambay. Our boutiques of tranquility are meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled experience, each resonating with its unique charm.


O2 Villas & Resort

Crafting Unforgettable Retreats

Our commitment extends beyond providing accommodations; we craft experiences that linger in the memory. Each location is a testament to our dedication to blending the comforts of modern hospitality with the untouched beauty of Sri Lanka’s landscapes.

We believe in harmony – a balance between indulgence and respect for nature, adventure and relaxation, contemporary luxury and traditional charm. It’s this philosophy that guides us in curating spaces where every detail is thoughtfully designed to enhance your journey.

As you explore our boutiques, anticipate refined accommodations, personalized service, and immersive experiences that define the essence of O2 Villas & Resort. Join us in creating moments that resonate long after your stay.

Discover O2 Villas & Resort – where luxury meets nature, and every stay is a unique melody composed just for you.

O2 Villas Resort & Spa - Ella

O2 Villas -Yala