Ella Spice Garden


Ella Spice Garden

A place full of taste and love. Most foreign tourists love to visit here. Traditionally made foods with endemic Sri Lankan cultural spices. A very different garden that you must do in Ella every few steps from our O2 Villa Hotel. The garden has filled with spice plants. They use the natural extraction of those plants to coo foods without any  type of  artificial things.

Yeah we should appreciate this. The mouth watering foods are with a marvelous taste. We are pretty sure that you will be amazed just by smelling those foods. What a culture , Such a beautiful and tasty foods. You can see the plants how they are extracted and how they cooked. You are very lucky to visit here. Hurry Up!!! The best accommodation is here.

Distance From Hotel :- 10 KM

Travel Time :- 25 Minutes From O2 Villas Resort & Spa Ella.