Unforgettable Spots in Scenic Hill Country

Ella is a small town in Badulla District, UVA Province, Sri Lanka. It is located approximately 200 kilometers (120 miles) east of Colombo and at an elevation of 1,041 meters (3,415 feet) above sea level. The city has a cooler climate than the surrounding lowlands due to its elevation.

Ella is the most beautiful place in Sri Lanka. It has beautiful forests, mountains, tea plantations, and waterfalls. Even the train journey is one of the most wonderful experiences of life as you ride the blue train to the waterfall through bamboo forests and tropical mist.

Most of the hotels in Ella are small properties that offer affordable accommodation. Excessive partying, beautiful surroundings, good local food and affordable accommodation make one visit this small town and fall in love with it. Therefore, the city attracts a large number of young tourists from Western countries who love the tourist atmosphere of the falls.

Ella Gap

Ella Sri Lanka is undoubtedly the most beautiful gap in the island of Sri Lanka. The Ella Gap is located between two massive rifts towards the southern end of the Central Range. Many tourists are curious about this destination and frequently inquire about a holiday at the falls.

Little Adam's Peak

Mini Adam’s Peak, also called Little Adam’s Peak and shaped like Sri Pada Shuddha Kanda, is located around two kilometers from Ella junction. The majority of people that visit the Ella prioritize climbing to the top of Mini Adam’s Falls. There is a clearly marked footpath that leads to the summit, and it is a rather simple journey. Mini Adam’s Peak can be climbed by hikers of any age, and no prior climbing expertise is necessary. The majority of international tourists prefer to climb Adam’s Peak.

Flying Ravana

In the lush green estates of Ella, Sri Lanka, Flying Ravana is the country’s first gigantic dual zip-line. (close to Little Adams Peak, Ella’s top tourist destination)

The two-wire zip-line is more than half a kilometer long (length 550 m), glides at a top speed of 80 kph, and and offers a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful hills of the island.

Ella Rock

Ella Rock is a fantastic hiking location in Ella, with breath-taking views of gorgeously overgrown hillsides, and is regarded as one of the top treks in the world. Ella Rock’s trekking route is highly noteworthy due to its difficult terrain and unparalleled beauty. If you are interested in Sri Lanka’s hillside splendor, Ella is a lovely highland town and the ideal place to visit. The best train experience in the world is thought to be the one from Ella to Kandy.

The most popular activity here for visitors is an early-morning hike to Ella Rock. A magnificent four-hour round-trip journey beginning in Ella Town would be involved. Up until you reach the top of the rock, the journey will take you past picturesque scenery, verdant tea plantations, and quaint railroad tracks. Be careful; the journey will be rather perplexing. However, it will only enhance your trek’s sense of adventure. You will be enthralled the entire way by sightseeing and taking in the area’s natural splendor. Don’t forget to wear sturdy boots to keep leeches at bay.

The Nine-Arch Bridge

The nine-arch bridge in the Ella area is located in Demodara Circle; its length is 24 meters and its height is 91 meters. Nine breath-taking curves make it an absolutely beautiful place. A forest grows behind the railway, and tea leaves grow underneath. It is truly one of the most amazing places to visit in Sri Lanka.

The interesting thing about this bridge is that it is completely made of rock, brick, and cement, without using steel or metal throughout the structure. The bridge was commissioned in 1941, and it is said that World War I broke out while the bridge was being constructed. Steel and metal materials previously determined to be used in the bridge were reassigned to be used for military purposes.

The materials were assembled into the stone, brick, and cement framework at the time, and the development of the bridge still continued without doubt.

There are several routes from Ella city center to the Nine Curve Bridge. One way is to walk along the train tracks from the Ella area. I know this sounds like the least sensible advice ever, but it’s actually wide on both sides of the track and isn’t terrible at all. Trains don’t come very often, and you’ll almost certainly hear them coming, so you’ll be able to get to the side.

Another way is to take the winding trail from the start of the Little Adams Peak hike. It’s not really marked at all, but most locals will point you in the right direction towards the Nine Arch Bridge.

As a world-famous tourist destination, Ella is a part of the global tourism industry and is highly influenced by contemporary world tourism trends.