Okanda Devalaya


Okanda Devalaya - A Sacred Haven by the Sea

Nestled along the coastal fringes near O2 Hotels & Resort Yala, Okanda Devalaya stands as a venerable sanctuary steeped in spiritual significance. This ancient temple, embraced by the rhythmic waves of the Indian Ocean, invites pilgrims and visitors alike to experience the harmonious blend of devotion and natural beauty.

Coastal Tranquility

Okanda Devalaya is situated in a coastal haven, where the murmurs of the ocean and the rustling palm fronds create a serene backdrop for spiritual contemplation. The temple’s proximity to the sea infuses a unique tranquility into the sacred atmosphere.

Sacred Legends

Explore the sacred legends that surround Okanda Devalaya, with historical roots tracing back to ancient times. The temple is believed to be a place of worship that dates back centuries, adding layers of mystique to its spiritual aura.

Spiritual Vibes

Immerse yourself in the spiritual vibes that permeate Okanda Devalaya. The temple’s architecture and surroundings evoke a sense of reverence, offering a space for visitors to connect with their inner selves and the divine.

Pilgrimage Destination

Okanda Devalaya is a revered pilgrimage destination, drawing devotees seeking blessings and solace. The journey to the temple is often considered a sacred pilgrimage, with visitors traversing through scenic landscapes to reach this spiritual haven.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Experience the rituals and ceremonies that take place at Okanda Devalaya, especially during significant religious festivals. The vibrant colors, rhythmic chants, and ceremonial traditions add a dynamic element to the spiritual ambiance.

Coastal Blessings

The temple’s coastal location adds a unique dimension to the blessings it imparts. Visitors can feel the gentle sea breeze and witness the mesmerizing ocean views, creating an environment where nature and spirituality converge.

Nature Walks

Surrounding Okanda Devalaya is a natural landscape waiting to be explored. Take a nature walk in the temple’s vicinity, and discover the flora and fauna that thrive in this coastal ecosystem, enhancing the overall experience of your visit.

As a guest at O2 Hotels & Resort Yala, Okanda Devalaya welcomes you to a sacred journey where the echoes of devotion harmonize with the soothing sounds of the ocean. Whether you come seeking spiritual solace or wish to partake in the cultural richness of the region, Okanda Devalaya promises a unique and tranquil experience.

Distance From Hotel :- 50km

Travel Time :- 1 Hour To 1 1/2 Hours From O2 Villas & Resort Yala