Tissa Lake


Tissa Lake - Gentle embrace of nature whispers the secrets of serenity

This incredible Tissa Lake  lies only 17km away from us. You can reach Tissa Wewa within 15 minutes easily. This ancient lake was built by one of the great kings who lived more than 1000 years ago to provide the necessary water to the agricultural ecosystems in the area.

The ancient lake reveals not only the excellent technological talent of the ancestors but also the essence of the dry zone lowland and the tropical region of Sri Lanka. Lying at the north of Thissamaharama, this giant waterfront hosts a variety of aquatic birds, including bitterns, herons & egrets skimming across the waters shaded by a series of majestic Margosa trees.

Watching the rippling water waves that are more calming than the ocean waves and hearing the songs of birds in the evening is a different experience that anyone visiting Sri Lanka can encounter only here. The rustling leaves of the tropical trees provide scenic beauty and a relaxed expedition in your journey. Enjoy bathing in the lake, having evening tea with your beloveds, and looking at the picturesque waters.

Distance From Hotel :- 17 KM

Travel Time :- 1 Hour From O2 Villas & Resort Yala